Daily Current Affairs In Bengali and English 20th February 2020 | for All Competitive Exams

Daily Current Affairs In Bengali and English 20th February 2020 | for All Competitive Exams
Daily Current Affairs In Bengali and English 20th February 2020 | for All Competitive Exams

Current Affairs is a very important subject for all examinations. General knowledge (Daily Current Affairs) is the section in which candidates or all students are able to solve more and more questions in a short time and can bring more marks or scores in the examinations. Current Affairs GK Question, you do not need to do special effort to memorize the questions of the online GK quiz test, but you need to read the questions carefully. General Knowledge provided here (Current Affairs) It is very important for you to have strong general knowledge to get success in WBCS, RAIL, POLICE, UPSC, TET, PSC, GROUP-D, SSC, etc. Exam recruitment, Defense Examination or other examinations. 
Current Affairs In Bengali And English 20th February 2020

Because these questions are asked a lot. If your general knowledge is good, then in this you can solve more questions in a very short time and you can spend the remaining time in the questions of Mathematics - Reasoning or other subjects and get good marks. Here questions related to current affairs, daily current affairs, and monthly current affairs are available. For current affairs and related questions, you can visit this website regularly. Here we update the current affairs daily. Maximum questions related to current affairs are asked in the examinations. For this, you visit here regularly to prepare for better current affairs.

Daily Current Affairs In Bengali and English 20th February 2020 | for All Competitive Exams

Bengali Current Affairs

১। 'World Day Of Social Justice' পালিত হল ২০ ফ্রেব্রুয়ারী তারিখে।

২। আত্মনির্ভরশীল ও তৈলবীজ উৎপাদন করার জন্যে Tilhan Mission লঞ্চ করল কেন্দ্র।

৩। 70th National Democracy Day পালন করল নেপাল।

৪। 'New Point Based Visa System' চালু করল the United Kingdom.

৫। 'Nadu-Nedu' (Now And Then) স্কিম লঞ্চ করল অন্ধপ্রদেশ সরকার ( হসপিটল সম্পর্কিত)।

৬। 'Wellness Summit 2020' অনুষ্টিত হবে উত্তরাখন্ডে।

৭। 'University Of Manchester' ডক্টরেট সন্মান পেলেন Ratan Tata.

৮। 'EY World Entrepreneur Of The Year Award' পেলেন Biocon এর চেয়ারম্যান Kiran Mazumdar.

৯। 'World Wide For The Future Indexd 2019' ভারতের স্থান হল ৩৫ তম।

১০। 'AFC Women's Asian Cup 2022' আয়োজন করবে ভারত।

১১। 'Indian Defence Equipment Seminar 2020' অনুষ্টিত হল ঢাকা তে।

১২। ২০ ফ্রেব্রুয়ারী তারিখে 'Statehood Day' পালন করল মিজোরাম, অরুনাচলপ্রদেশ।

১৩। 'Laureus World Sportsman Of The Year Award' পেলেন লিওনেল মেসি এবং লুইস হ্যামিল্টন।

১৪। 'Vigilance Commissioner' এর নতুন চিফ নিযুক্ত হলেন Sanjay Kothari.

১৫। NITI Aayog এর 'Sustainable Development Goals Conclave 2020' অনুষ্টিত হবে আসামে।

English Current Affairs

1.  'World Day Of Social Justice' was celebrated on 20 February.

2.  Tilhan Mission launches the center for self-reliance and producing oilseeds.

3.  Nepal celebrates 70th National Democracy Day.

4.  The United Kingdom launches 'New Point Based Visa System'.

5.  The 'Nadu-Nedu' (Now And Then) scheme was launched by the Andhra Pradesh government (related to the hospital).

6.  'Wellness Summit 2020' will be followed in Uttarakhand.

7.  Ratan Tata honors 'University of Manchester' doctorate.

8.  Biocon Chairman Kiran Mazumdar receives the 'EY World Entrepreneur of the Year Award'.

9.  India is ranked 35th in the 'World Wide For The Future Indexed 2019'.

10.  India will host 'AFC Women's Asian Cup 2022'.

11.  'Indian Defense Equipment Seminar 2020' is based in Dhaka.

12.  Statehood Day was celebrated on February 26 in Mizoram, Arunachal Pradesh.

13.  Lionel Messi and Louise Hamilton received the 'Laureus World Sportsman Of The Year Award'.

14.  Sanjay Kothari has been appointed as the new Chief of the Vigilance Commissioner.

15.  NITI Aayog's 'Sustainable Development Goals Conclave 2020' will be in Assam.

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